Cavaliers Tristan Thompson Contract Talks Stall

Tristan ThompsonThe Cleveland Cavaliers are in contract negotiations with power forward Tristan Thompson, but those negotiations appear to have stalled as there is currently a reported gap of $14 million in what Thompson wants to be paid, and what the Cavs are willing to.

The Cavaliers are holding firm at an offer of $80 million over 5 years, while Thompson seems bent on getting a $94 million max contract over that same time period if he is to stay with the Cavaliers, but those are the numbers that both sides have been stalled at since July.

The Cavs feel as though they are offering a competitive offer for Thompson, as the yearly salary of $16 million resembles other deals made recently including $ 16 million annually for Jonas Valanciunas and $16.4 million annually for Draymond Green. That said, Enes Kanter, picked just one spot ahead of Thompson when the 2 were drafted, just inked a deal worth $17.5 million a year.

With training camp just a week away, there is very little optimism on either side of the negotiations and attentions are now turning toward what may happen should the sides not be able to meet any kind of deal.

If no agreement is reached between Thompson in the Cavs, the idea is that Thompson would sign the Cavaliers 1 year qualifying offer worth $6.9 million so he could be an unrestricted free agent come the end of this coming season. If it does come to that, Thompson’s camp has made it clear that he would almost certainly not sign any long term deal with the Cavaliers and would look to take his talents elsewhere in the league.

If Thompson does become an unrestricted free agent before the 2016-2017 season, there would almost certainly be quite a few teams trying to entice Thompson to play for them, and he would likely find the max offer he is looking for.

Considering 3 of the Cavaliers big men are coming to camp after coming off knee surgery, it is unlikely that we will see Thompson move much, because of his health. There is still time to get a deal done, but if it doesn’t happen, there’ll be a very hot commodity come free agency next year.

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