Dallas Cowboys Tony Romo To Have Offseason Surgery

tonyromo1Quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys, Tony Romo, has agreed with the team that he will be getting surgery in the offseason to repair, and hopefully strengthen, his left clavicle which was fractured twice during the 2015 NFL Regular season, and once before in his career.

The surgery will have the collarbone supported with a metal plate in an effort to prevent future injuries to the collarbone. The injured shoulder is in Romo’s non-throwing shoulder, but the injuries have cost him too many games to leave the shoulder unsupported, especially considering it broke twice this past season.

The games that Romo missed this season may have very well cost the Cowboys a shot at the playoffs as they were playing in a very week division, which was won by the Washington Redskins. Had Romo been healthy for the entire year, the Cowboys would have had a better shot to win some of the close games they played which could have propelled them into the NFL playoff picture, rather than be on the outside looking in.

The Cowboys are a pathetic 1-11 without their regular starter under center, so they have a lot invested in keeping the veteran quarterback healthy and on the field.

“I think we know which way we’re siding and we’ve had exhaustive discussions about it,” Romo said Saturday of the possibility of surgery. “Really it’s just about being there for your teammates. If I play, I know what I mean to our team. I just need to do everything in my power to make sure I’m on the football field.”

Tony Romo has been under nearly constant scrutiny for much of his career as the main play caller for the Cowboys, with many people calling for the Cowboys to look for new options at quarterback, but Jerry Jones and the organization have stayed loyal to Romo, and look to be investing in his future.

If this surgery does not have the desired result and help keep Romo on the field for longer periods of time, the Cowboys organization may be forced to begin looking for their quarterback of the future sooner, rather than later.

In the division that they play in, the Cowboys should find themselves near the top, if not at the top of the division, with a quality, healthy quarterback for a whole season, and if Romo continues to be plagued by the injury bug as he was this season, he can’t be that quarterback for them.

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