For example, if you recently looked at laptops online, you may

But right away my grandmother said: course they stayed. It their home. It their heart.
Alhamdulillah crowded HERE SINGAPORE has tried it and know the greatness of maq100 juice Place; Block 506 # 01-178 JURONG WEST ST (SINGAPORE)
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(When we strive, insya’Allah allow it).

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Recipe for INGREDIENTS 200 g sugar (original version 240g) 3 eggs (ambient temperature) 130 g peanut oil for 130 g of water or equal weight of orange juice
250 g of flour
1 sachet of baking powder (16 g)
1 teaspoon of vanilla extract
grated lemon peel
grated orange peel
1 pinch of salt

In a terrine whisk the eggs with sugar until they become greased and flour a 22 cm donut mold and pour the
It remains soft until 5 days just keep it closed in a door You can completely replace the water with orange juice or you can do as I do (the juice of 1 medium-small orange and arrive at 130 ml adding water). With this recipe you can also make a 22-24 cm cake and fill it with the cream. You can replace part of the flour (about 80 g) with almond flour or hazelnuts; in this way you will have a cake that is always different but from the consistency you can substitute the lemon juice with that of tangerines or I caramelized the orange slices and toasted the almonds
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