If the objective of the

If the objective of the demonstrators is to bring about positive change, they failed. If it is to bring about awareness of the situation where police use excessive force, they failed. If a protest is handled properly, there won be smashing of windows and damage every time there is a march.

Free. Andrew Brousseau, compost manager at Black Earth Composting, will explain the benefits of composting for spring gardens. Both vegetable and flower gardens benefit from nutrients recycled from fall leaves and leftover kitchen scraps. Buffalo area health officials blamed 300 deaths on opioid overdoses in 2016, up from 127 two years earlier. That includes a young couple who did not make it to their second drug court appearance last spring. The woman’s father arrived instead to tell the judge his daughter and her boyfriend had died the night before..

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Had no idea what it was. We lost power at work so I looked outside and saw the blimp, Schafer said. First thought was Vo Tech was doing something at the school until my friends tagged on Facebook about the blimp. Hurricane warning for coast. No mandatory evacuations. Last hurricane to hit was Bob in 1991.

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