Most married couples with three or more children would also pay

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wholesale Snapback Hats Marci McDonald, Allentown, Penn.; oils acrylics 230. Hsing Hua Chang, Shawnee Mission, Kan.; watercolor 231. Michael J. But for nearly 8 million families including a majority of single parent households the opposite would occur: They’d pay more.Most married couples with three or more children would also pay higher taxes, an analysis by the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center found. And while middle class families as a whole would receive tax cuts of about 2 percent, they’d be dwarfed by the windfalls averaging 13.5 percent for America’s richest 1 percent.Five Viral Moments From Trump’s Trip AbroadPresident Donald Trump’s first trip abroad since taking office has been filled with viral moments. Here are five that had people talking and tweeting.(Published Thursday, May 25, 2017)Trump’s campaign rhetoric had promoted the benefits of his proposals for middle income Americans.”The largest tax reductions are for the middle class,” said Trump’s “Contract With the American Voter,” released last month.Full Circle Rainbow Near DC Kicks Off Memorial Day WeekendThe tax hikes that would hit single parents and large families would result from Trump’s plan to eliminate the personal exemption and the head of household filing status. wholesale Snapback Hats

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