Rockies, Rays Swap Dickerson and McGee In Trade

Corey DickersonThe Colorado Rockies have reportedly traded left handed outfielder Corey Dickerson to the Tampa Bay Rays for relief pitcher Jake McGee according to reports. The report also says that the trade has the Rockies and Rays trading minor league pitching prospects.

This trade seems mutually beneficial as the Tampa Bay Rays desperately needed help offensively, along with some more left handed hitting in their lineup last season, as they look to return to being competitive enough to play for the American League East title, and return to the Playoffs.

Dickerson hit .304 with 10  home runs and 31 RBIs in just 65 games last season, as he found himself on the disabled list 3 times last season. During the 2014 season, Dickerson led the Rockies with his team high 24 home runs.

Dickerson does have some injury concerns as 2 of the times he found himself on the disabled list, it was a result of plantar fasciitis in his left foot, while the other time was the result of a broken rib.

The plantar fasciitis does raise some concern, as that can be a nagging injury that can flare up again, but for the Rays, acquiring the 26 year old Dickerson is worth the risk as he can certainly add some much needed pop to a lineup that has struggled consistently at the plate for the last few seasons.

Meanwhile, the Rockies are adding a strong left handed reliever who has some experience as a closer if that turns out to be something the Rockies need as they enter the 2016 season. McGee, 29 years old, was 1-2 last season with a 2.41 ERA and 6 saves last season only pitching in 39 innings after starting the year on the disabled list following arthroscopic surgery on his left elbow.

During the season prior, McGee posted strong numbers, finishing the 2014 season with a 5-2 record, 19 saves, and an impressive 1.89 ERA in 73 innings pitched.

Similar to Dickerson, McGee is a relatively young player with a lot of potential with some health risks that the Rockies need to be a little wary of. The surgery that McGee had to undergo was on his throwing elbow, something that is always concerning for a pitcher.

Still, if McGee has continued to recover from his surgery and return to the form that he showed during the 2014 season, the Rockies will have added a valuable arm to their bullpen, something that every team can always improve on.

While we will have to wait for the season to begin to see the results, this trade seems a positive for both teams.

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