Capital One Cup Win Could Provide Big Boost To Man City

FernandinhoMidfielder for Manchester City Fernandinho believes that if Man City can win the Capitol One Cup against Liverpool at the end of February, that could provide a big enough boost to the team to spur them towards further glory in both the Barclay’s Premier League and the Champions League.

Fernandinho has been an important contributor to Man City, even scoring in Wednesday’s 3-1 victory against Everton, helping Man City secure a spot in the final, which will be played in Wembley Stadium on February 28th.

Manchester City last won the Capital One Cup in March of 2014, the same  year that saw them win the Premier League most recently, and Fernandinho believes that achieving victory in the tournament this season, could once more spur Man City to greater glory as the season marches on.

“Winning it two years ago was important for our season — we won the cup in March and then had a lot of games that month in the Champions League and Premier League,” said the 30 year old Brazilian.

“The confidence of the team was definitely higher for those games as we had already shown on the pitch what we can do. If we can win it again we will be very happy.”

The Capital One Cup is often overlooked in the Premier League, especially in comparison to other tournaments that teams often compete in like the Premier League and FA Cups, and as such, some top teams often don’t send their top players to compete.

Man City is not overlooking the importance of a confidence building tournament win though, with the entire club seemingly sharing Fernandinho’s attitude about the importance of the win.

“If some people don’t like this competition, I don’t understand it. I like every competition I can play,” Fernandinho said. “It’s a great opportunity to win a trophy by playing five or six games and a final, and it’s important for the players and the club to win things.”

While Man City is certainly excited to advance to the final of the Capital One Cup at the February’s end, the advance did not come without cost.

Man City lost David De Bruyne to injury in the closing moments of the match, and he is certainly a presence that the squad will miss as the season marches on. On a positive note however, it appears as though De Bruyne will not be forced to miss the remainder of the season, and will instead be back in about 10 weeks if everything progresses as hoped.

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