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How to Watch: Le Mans Live Stream | 24 Hours of Le Mans Online

Looking to watch Le Mans live stream then – simply tune on France Television & Motor Trend to watch live on your cable TV or for online read the complete article about how to watch Le Mans live stream without cable. . One of the world’s most famous endurance races, 24 Hours at Le Mans, kicks off for the 87th time this June in France.

Created in 1923 by the Automobile Club de l’Ouest, 24 Hours at Le Mans is now the centerpiece of the FIA World Endurance Championship season. Double points are awarded to competitors in what FIA bills as the world’s greatest motorsports event.

24 Hours at Le Mans recently named the 60-car competitor list, along with a ten-car reserve. Each entrant uses three drivers who usually split the driving time evenly in short bursts to manage the monotony and stress of the race.

By the time the event ends, each racing team will cover well over 3,000 miles. Audi holds the distance record at 3,362.5 miles. The automaker says about 85% of that distance was covered at full throttle.

24 Hours of Le Mans live stream

That would be like driving from New York City to San Francisco in 24 hours through rush hour traffic with the gas pedal floored all the way. For the 24 Hours at Le Mans competitors, it means driving through the same 8.47-mile loop of mostly public roads almost 400 times.

Watching the live stream action from Le Mans

The FIA World Endurance Championship has their own streaming website, but don’t bother looking for the live stream feed of the 24 Hours at Le Mans. The FIAWEC channel excludes Le Mans from their service, deferring instead to a free television service in France and several other options around the world.

France Television will live stream all 24 hours on their website. However, they will geo-block the feed from the United States. will offer the live stream feed of the whole 24 hours, but it will not be their own announcers or cameras. Instead, they will utilize the resources of Eurosport to feed the endurance race appetite of their customers.

Eurosport will provide direct live stream coverage in many other countries, including Canada. Both Motor Trend and Eurosport are pay services.

24 Hours at Le Mans Live stream official broadcasters

After years of watching Fox Sports pre-empt much of their premier endurance racing event, FIA WEC awarded the broadcast rights for the 24 Hours at Le Mans to the Velocity Channel last year.

Velocity is now known as Motor Trends Network. It is part of the Discovery Network’s family of niche channels and is being marketed aggressively as part of that group.

That is good news for World Endurance Championship fans in the United States. Motor Trends Network is dedicated to cars and racing. They are not likely to follow Fox’s example and switch to golf or baseball highlights during the race.

Eurosport is another official broadcaster and will provide the race in Australia, Europe, and other parts of the world.

Watching the 24 Hours of Le Mans Live without cable

Discovery’s push into the digital broadcast arena works well for endurance racing fans in the USA. Most major internet television services picked up the Discovery package, including the Motor Trends Network for 2019.

Sling TV placed Motor Trends in their orange package of channels to watch Le Mans live stream online . The 24 Hours of Le Mans live stream can be viewed by the subscribers to that $25/month option or those using the combined blue-orange group at $40.

DirecTV Now includes Motor Trend in several bundles starting at $40/month. You can also find the 24 Hours of Le Mans and the rest of Motor Trend’s car-related shows on YouTube TV for the same price.

PlayStation Vue customers who pay for the maximum channel selection will find the Motor Trend Network where Velocity always was. Remember you can use the search function the day of the race to see if the event is unlocked for other customers.

It does not appear that Fubo TV has brought the Motor Trend Network on board.

Using a VPN to watch the 24 Hours at Le Mans Live online

Virtual Private Network services allow your computer to sign into a larger server in another country, like France or Australia. It then appears to the internet world that you are sitting in front of a screen in that location.

This lets World Endurance Championship fans with a VPN-armed computer or smartphone take advantage of the free live stream feed from France Televison.

If fans prefer to hear the commentary in English, they can search for the Eurosport feed in many countries around the planet.

But the VPN service has to be a reputable company like ExpressVPN. ExpressVPN provides state-of-the-art security and encryption services to protect you and your computer from viruses and identity theft.

Nord VPN is another top-notch provider of VPN services. Both Nord and ExpressVPN include 24/7 live customer service to get you set up and troubleshoot any issues.

Both companies, as well as other reputable services like IPVanish offer high-speed internet connections you need to enjoy a clear live stream experience.

Into the finish

Drivers racing in the 24 Hours at Le Mans will find 38 curves and turns to limit top speeds and assure the all-time velocity record won’t be beaten this season.

However, the monotonous loops, changing sun angles, near-constant g-forces, and distracting fans and signs make this one of the most difficult and daring feats in all sports.

Thanks to the internet and live stream television options, none of us has to miss it!