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How to Watch: Bathurst 1000 Live Stream | Bathurst on Foxtel 2019

Looking to watch Bathurst 1000 live stream online – simply visit Foxtel to watch live online for cable TV. Can you imagine a 621-mile road race where sharp turns guide drivers into steep inclines and the course twists into declines so sharp the drivers can’t see the road passing under them at over 100 miles per hour?

Watch Bathurst 1000 Live Stream Now

Bathurst 1000 live streaming

Can you imagine a road race rolling through narrow, wall-lined streets in amountainousregion with a 500-foot difference between its lowest and highest points?

Can you imagine a kangaroo jumping in front of you as you head into the finish? If you are a fans of Bathurst 100 live online there has many online and cable TV foxtel is for you to enjoy.

For most Americans, all we can do is imagine what for the past 60 years has been the highlight of the Australian racing season- the Bathurst 1000.

Bathurst is a region in New South Wales that has been the location of one of the most exciting road races for most of the Bathurst 1000’s storied history. Tradition and excitement rule the day for racing fans who line up around the Mount Panorama Circuit each October.

Bathurst 1000 live stream 2019

Largely a competition between car manufacturers Ford and Holden, only Nissan can boast more than one victory (two) over the years. Never a part of Australia’s main racing association events, the Bathurst 1000 is nonetheless an integral and prestigious part of Australian racing history.

Official broadcasters of the Bathurst 1000 Live stream

This storied event is broadcast solely in Australia (by Foxtel) and New Zealand (by Sky Sports). Foxtel is a leading subscription television and streaming service in Australia, offering live, sport, movies, drama, news, and entertainment programming. For, Australian people to watch Bathurst live stream can Tune Foxtel and New Zealand fans can watch on skysports New Zealand.

Sky Sports is a premier provider of sports and entertainment streaming throughout the United Kingdom via cable and internet, including a state of the art mobile app called Sky Go.

Unfortunately, both companies geo-block their broadcasts and streaming services, leaving the US and Canadian race fans to find more innovative ways to watch Australia’s epic road race.

CBS Sports has shown condensed versions of the race in the past and has the rights to do so again in 2019. However, there is no scheduled date or confirmation of their plans.

Bathurst 100 Live Streamwithout cable

Fortunately, the holders of the Bathurst 1000 want to share their national treasure of a race with the world. It will cost you a bit, but after watching your first event, you’ll agree it is worth it.

The Bathurst 1000 is part of Super Cars Championship circuit. They recently started their own live stream viewing service called Superview. They offer the 2019 Superview Pass, which includes every race in their championship series, for about $43 US dollars per season.

That series includes the Bathurst 1000. Besides seeing the Bathurst 100 live stream action as it happens, you can watch it again any time you like for 30 days after the event.

Plus, Bathurst 100 there are these other options:

The Bathurst 1000 website notes that there are many slightly less-than-legal options to watch live stream versions of the Bathurst 1000. They also advise fans in the United States that many of their most popular internet television providers offer a better option for no additional costs than their basic subscription price.

DirecTV Now is one such service. According to, subscribers to DirecTV Now can log in and search for the Bathurst 1000, and by clicking on the appropriate option, start watching the live stream feed.

Similarly, Sling TV subscribers can access the live stream the same way. What’s more, is that Sling TV fans can check back to any action they missed before they logged in.

FuboTV is another internet TV provider that allows you to watch the Bathurst 1000 simply by searching for the event after signing in.

PlayStation Vue also allows subscribers to watch Bathurst 1000 Live stream and all the action around and in the race, regardless of what package you subscribe to.

YouTube TV is even easier. Just type in the name of the Bathurst 1000 and start watching.

Using VPN options to watch the Bathurst 1000

With a VPN network, fans can watch the original broadcasts from Foxtel or Sky. VPN networks can route your IP address through servers in New Zealand or Australia, effectively tricking the local broadcasters into thinking you are in their market area.

It is important to find a reputable VPN provider like ExpressVPN or Nord VPN to watch Bathurst 1000 Live stream online. Express VPN and Nord VPN each offer high connection speeds, military-grade encryption programs, and a promise to not save any of your browsinghistory.

This provides you with good service that will optimize your live stream experience while protecting your identity and security.

IPVanish is a third option with all the same technical aspects of Nord and ExpressVPN. One difference with IPVanish is a gap in their live customer service availability. Nord and ExpressVPN have 24/7 staff available to help you through any issues.

Get on board the Bathurst 1000

Even if you are not a huge racing fan, the Bathurst 1000 is one of the sports’ most entertaining events. With the easy live stream options available in the United States, there’s no reason to miss this jewel of a car race. If you are from Australia you can watch Bathurst 1000 Live stream online via Foxtel network for cable and for online it’s Superview.