Bathurst 1000 Tickets: Supercheap Auto Car Race

The Bathurst 1000 car race sponsored by Supercheap Auto is fast approaching and if you think that you’ve missed your opportunity to buy tickets and attend, think again. You see, there are still plenty of ticket options for spectators to purchase and to help you pick out which ones would be right for you at the right price, read this quick step by step ticket buying guide.

Bathurst 1000 Tickets

Bathurst 1000 Tickets

Step One: Figure out Your Budget

The 2018 Supercheap Auto Bathurst 1000 is slated for Thursday, October 4th to Sunday, October 7th and will take place at the Mount Panorama Circuit in New South Wales, Australia. Before you decide anything in regards to attending this event, you want to decide how much you’re going to spend. By figuring out your spending budget in advance, you’ll be able to better gear your search on what type of tickets you’re going to buy. Plus, you’ll be able to avoid being disappointed by what you can’t afford if you have a ceiling on how much you can spend.

 Step Two: Figure Out What You Want to Experience

Once you have your budget in place for what you can spend on your tickets to see this 1000 km race, then next thing to do is to decide what you want to get out of it. For example, if you just want to attend the race itself on race day, then you’re going to want to buy a single day ticket and that’s it. However, if you want to take in everything that the Bathurst 1000 super car race has to offer, from qualifying to expos, autograph signings, camping, meet and greets, shopping, corporate parties, and more, than you’re going to want to go with a multi-day pass. A multi-day pass will allow you to not only watch the racing, but will give you the freedom to check out all the fun festivities that coincide with the race itself.

Along with purchasing single or multi-day passes, another thing to think about when figuring out what you want to experience at the event is how close you want to get to the racing action. LIke, you can sit in the grandstands at a distance or you can get up close and personal by sitting trackside.

 Step Three: Compare What’s Available to Get the Best Deal

Now keep in mind, everything at the Bathurst 1000, like any sporting event, comes at a price. Typically, the event’s website will have the best deal, yet since it’s so close to the start of it, the website is probably already sold out. Therefore, you’ll probably have to go through an online ticket selling agency and thanks to the internet, you can get a good deal by just doing your due diligence through different web searches for Bathurst 1000 tickets. And, if you want to save some money on travel to get there, there are some ticket selling agencies who work with travel companies to find you a decent price on a way to get there and accommodations. This makes it easy for you because it’s like one stop shopping.

Step Four: Make a Decision and Get Ready

Yes, the above may seem like a pretty straightforward guide when purchasing Bathurst 1000 tickets, but you’d be surprised by how many people make something that’s easy very, very difficult. In the end, if you follow this quick guide, you’ll be able to get the tickets you want and start preparing to experience this awesome event.


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