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Looking to watch Boxing live stream then – simply tune on HBO to watch live on your cable TV or for online read the complete article about how to watch Boxing live stream without cable. HBO shocked the boxing world last year when they announced the end of a 45-year run of quality boxing matches on one of cable TV’s oldest and most revered conglomerates.

When long-time boxing promoter Bob Arum predicted HBO would also get out of the boxing business in 2019, fans wondered who would step in to broadcast the biggest fights and how much more it might cost.

Fortunately, Showtime CEO David Nevins decided to go the other route, committing even more resources to boxing to take advantage of what he called an opportunity created by HBO’s decision.

But newcomer DAZN (pronounced “Da Zone” by its fans) will give Showtime and other broadcasters a stiff competitor for the boxing fans’ dollars.

DAZN, a live streaming OTT service, not only gained exclusive rights to the top European boxing circuit, Matchroom Boxing, with a $1 billion-8-year deal, they also signed multi-fight deals with two of the world’s most popular boxers, Canelo Alvarez and Gennady “GGG” Golovkin.

Da Zone is well-established in Europe, broadcasting 8,000 live sporting events in 2018 along with some original programming. The company holds the rights to the NFL, MLB, and NBA games overseas, but will concentrate on boxing and MMA in the United States. They also signed a three-year deal with MLB to initiate a service similar to the NFL’s Red Zone in the US.

If you want to watch boxing live stream online , you can subscribe Boxnation as pay per view or monthly subscription basis.

Fox Sports, ESPN, and ESPN+ still have boxing on their itinerary, too.

Live stream options to watch Boxing

DAZN is primed to be the main provider of live boxing events in the United States. Their broadcasts will not be limited to Matchroom and contracted fighters. They also have cooperative agreements with other boxing associations and broadcasters.

They kicked off with a $9.99/month price point last fall and their first Canelo Alvarez fight in December made them the most downloaded app on Android and iOS the weekend of that fight.

Unfortunately, they raised their monthly rate to $19.99/month for new subscribers. The good news is that you can still save by opting to buy full-year access for $99.99. That saves you money even at the old subscription rate.

DAZN can be streamed anywhere in the USA on any smart device. You can watch live events on two devices at a time. A schedule of fights is on the DAZN website.

ESPN+ is the live stream service of ESPN and includes quite a few boxing matches during the year. Many are still listed as “to be announced”, so you will need to check local listings to see what they offer.

Sky Sports and BT Sports also have large slates of boxing matches overseas. If you are interested in streaming one fight, we’ll explain how to access their feeds later in this article.

Boxing Live stream on cable or over the air

Showtime will try to position themselves as the main cable provider of boxing events in the United States. Some of their best fights could be pay-per-view events that you’ll pay from $75-90 for. However, there are some good matches shown in their main cable programming.

ESPN will provide some boxing matches on ESPN2, and you always have to look at the local listings to see if local networks throw a boxing match into their Saturday night lineups.

FoxSports1 will also broadcast a regular slate of boxing matches during the year.

Boxing Live stream Watching without cable

OTT television providers like Fubo, DirecTV Now, Sling, and PlayStation Vue could be hurt by DAZN’s entrance into the boxing marketplace.

While almost every provider includes Showtime, albeit at a premium subscription level, there are also other possibilities to watch boxing on your internet-connected television or another device.

YouTube TV includes ESPN and FoxSports1 as part of its basic $40/month package of channels.

Likewise, DirecTV Now includes ESPN and FoxSports1 on its most basic channel packages but charges a premium for Showtime.

PlayStation Vue offers the same as DirecTV Now, while Sling separates Fox Sports and ESPN in its two economical channel groups. That means you’ll have to pay the $40/month combined (Orange and Blue) rate to get them both, plus pay a premium for Showtime.

Fubo TV does not offer any ESPN channels to watch boxing live stream online but occasionally allows you to live stream individual events like boxing from Showtime. If you have a subscription to any of the above providers, find out if they offer a similar event stream before you pay more for other options.

Watch every boxing match with a VPN service

Credible and safe VPN services let your computer sign into a larger server in another country, making it appear you are over the border.

This comes in handy if you want to watch a boxing live stream match that is not available where you are or that might be available to live stream cheaper in another part of the world.

Sky Sports and BT Sports carry many of the best fights for their British Isle customers. Full subscriptions might cost the same as DAZN and Showtime, but if you are only interested in one fight, you can take advantage of NOW TV’s short-term (daily or three-day) Sky and BT sports packages.

First, you have to find a reputable VPN service like ExpressVPN that offers the latest security and military-grade encryption to protect you and your computer from hackers or viruses.

Nord VPN is another great service with 24/7 live customer service to help set you up or troubleshoot any issues later.

Nord and ExpressVPN also have high-speed connections you need to watch live stream videos, but IPVanish, another reputable VPN provider, claims to have the fastest.

Pick a VPN provider like IPVanish, Nord VPN, or ExpressVPN. Sign into a London-based server and go to the NOW TV website to find boxing and much more.

Social media is another boxing option

YouTube and Facebook occasionally provide simultaneous or slightly-delayed live stream feeds of Showtime fights.

Other boxing associations and broadcasters occasionally offer social media live streams, too. Picture quality is still an issue with many social media streams, but how else can you enjoy a boxing match while sharing your wit and wisdom with thousands of fellow fans?

Check the websites of the boxing broadcaster, live stream provider, or boxing association before you commit money to another service.

Coming off the ropes

Boxing is enjoying a spurt in popularity recently, thanks to some popular fighters and fan-friendly presentations.

You might have to check around to find the best matches available on your OTT viewing device, but the action is well worth the effort.