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BT Sport 1 live stream | Watch BT Sports online Free

BT Sport is the UK’s answer to ESPN and other sports focused channels all across the world. BT Sports concentrates on many of England’s favorite sports such as football and rugby. The service was founded in 2013 and has quickly become one of the largest channels in England. The channel has the rights to many rugby matches, the Premier League, and the UEFA Champions League.

There are a few different ways that you can get BT Sports. You can get BT Sports through Sky TV or Virgin Media in the UK. The cost depends on where you live in the UK but generally it costs over 20 pounds to add the BT Sports package to your cable subscription. With your cable subscription you can easily watch BT Sports 1 from wherever you are by logging into the BT Sports App or using the online video player. But what if you do not have a cable subscription? There are a few different ways that you can stream BT Sports 1 online.

BT Sport

BT Mobile or Broadband

If you use BT Mobile as your wireless carrier then you are in luck! You can simply add the BT Sports app to your phone for just 5 pounds per month. This is the cheapest way that you can watch BT Sports 1 without opting into an expensive cable package. If you have BT Broadband subscription then you get the mobile app for free. But, many customers are not happy to use just the app because who wants to watch their favorite sports team play on a small screen. Sadly, the BT Sports app does not allow you to cast your device to a television.


PlusNet is another broadband phone and wireless carrier in the UK. If you have PlusNet broadband you can get BT Sports 1 for just an extra 5 pounds per month which is a great deal. You will have access to the app as well as their online video player.

EE Phone

EE recently announced a partnership with BT Sports so that their customers could subscribe to BT Sports for just 5 pounds a month. EE also offers the ability to cast the BT Sports live stream to their TVs for an additional 10 pounds a month. But, there are a few clever workarounds where you will not have to pay the extra fee for casting to your television.

How to Stream to Your TV From an iPhone

The BT Sports App only lets you watch on your phone and no one in their right mind wants to watch a Premier League game on a 12 inch screen. If you have an iPhone there are a few workarounds so you will not have to pay BT a large monthly bill in order to access BT Sports 1.

If you own an Apple TV then you can use AirPlay on the iPhone to directly beam the BT Sports live stream from your iPhone to the television. You can get a used Apple TV for about $50 on eBay or other used item sites. You would be saving money each month if you go with this method.

Another way that you can get BT Sports 1 is buying purchasing Apple’s Lightning Digital AV adapter for about $50. The adapter lets you mirror what is on your phone screen and it puts the display on your TV via a HDMI cable. This is a great option if you do not already own an Apple TV because then you will have the cable that can be used at anytime and you will be able to stream many different services on your phone and cast the stream directly to your television.

Samsung Galaxy S7 or S8

Another option to stream the BT Sports app to your television is if you have a Samsung Galaxy S7 or S8. On the phones they have a feature called Smart View available where you can stream to any Samsung television and to most Roku devices. All you have to do is tap on Smart View and select the the device that you want to connect to and boom! Harry Kane and the lads will be playing footy on the big screen instead of your small Galaxy S7.