How to Watch: Grey Cup Live Stream | CFL Grey Cup stream

Watch Grey Cup Live Stream, the CFL Grey Cup live stream online on TSN Network. Canadian Football has been around almost as long as the NFL, but with the major disparity in financial wealth and investment, it’s easy to regard the northern variety as a distant and younger cousin to the most attended sport in the United States.

But don’t tell that to fans of what began as a pair of rugby football leagues that now form the east and west divisions of the Canadian Football League. A recent poll found that a solid half of all Canadians would rather watch the Grey Cup game than the NFL’s coveted Super Bowl if they could only watch one or the other.

CFL players are as dedicated and love their game as much as any NFL player. They must, because none of them are getting rich playing in the Great White North. With salaries capped at about $5 million per team, the NFL’s Matt Ryan took home enough salary ($42 million) this season to cover the entire CFL player payroll.

CFL Grey Cup live stream

Still, the Grey Cup is a revered event in Canada. Only the Olympic Men’s Hockey Finals of 2002 and 2010 garnered more television viewers than recent Grey Cup broadcasts. The CFL was one of the first leagues a fledgling ESPN contracted with back in 1980.

In their latest agreement, the sports behemoth promises additional exposure to the CFL game. The 2019 Grey Cup live stream Championship game will be televised for the first time in South America as ESPN and the CFL move to take advantage of football’s increasing international appeal.

Live streaming the CFL’s Grey Cup

The CFL has its own streaming website (, a pay-for-service system. The Grey Cup live stream is available as a stand-alone product for about $5 with a 96-hour viewing window.

Fan’s can watch Grey Cup live on tsn network from canada and using VPN from all over the world.

For about $30 per season, CFL fans can watch every game from the preseason through the playoffs. Canadian football season kicks off in June and runs through the mid-November Grey Cup.

ESPN agreed to put the Grey Cup live stream on ESPN2 this season, but it will probably be available on ESPN+ as well. If you already pay for ESPN+, there is no reason to spring for the Canadian feed, unless you like the announcers’ accents.

Broadcast partners for the 2019 Grey Cup

In Canada, tsn network (in English) and RDS (in French) have exclusive broadcasting rights of the Grey Cup live telecast and the CFL season through 2021.

For the rest of the world, ESPN presents the Canadian Football League. As part of their recent agreement, ESPN will put several games per season on either ESPN2, ESPN news, or the flagship station.

The 2019 Grey Cup is tentatively slated for ESPN2 in the United States. ESPN has the option of floating the broadcast to other channels, including ESPN3 and ESPN+ in any other country. ESPN Brazil will show the Grey Cup for the first time on ESPN2.

Watching the Grey Cup live stream without cable

For CFL fans in the United States, watching the Grey Cup live stream will not require much innovation. ESPN2 and the whole ESPN family is a staple of most live stream internet television companies.

Of course, there are exceptions. Fubo TV still cannot come to an agreement with ABC/ESPN. Fubo is trying to hold a price line, but keep your ears open as the pressure to add the “worldwide leader in sports” to Fubo’s sports-centric channel selection grows.

DirecTV Now offers ESPN2 on even its most basic channel packages starting at $40/month. If you want to include ESPNEWS or ESPN3 to be safe, you will have to bump up another level or two.

Sling TV put ESPN and ESPN2 in their $25/month Orange package. ESPNEWS and ESPNU are part of their add-on Sports Extra deal ($10).

PlayStation Vue includes ESPN and ESPN2 in their $45/month base price. Like the other services, ESPNEWS and ESPN3 cost more.

YouTube TV only offers one set of channels for their $45/month fee. Fortunately, YouTube makes the entire ESPN family of stations available to subscribers at that price.

Using a VPN to watch the 2019 Grey Cup

Of course, if you are a transplanted Canadian longing for the sound of the French or English accents of the Grey Cup announcers, ESPN2 just won’t sound the same.

For you, we offer the Virtual private Network option. VPN services let you use your own computer to sign into a larger server somewhere in Canada. You can do this from anywhere in the world with decent internet.

The CFL website, or the TDN and RDS streaming sites, will think you are sitting next to the bigger server and open their streaming service to you.

You will need a credible VPN service like ExpressVPN to assure quality and security. ExpressVPN, like their competitor Nord VPN, uses military-grade encryption and state-of-the-art virus protection to save you and your computer from hackers and bugs.

Nord VPN and ExpressVPN also maintain a 24/7 live customer service department to help you find the right server and work through any details you’re not sure of.

You also need a server with exceptional connection speeds to assure the quality of your live stream signal. IPVanish has some of the fastest speeds, along with security and encryption programs similar to ExpressVPN and Nord. so if you want to watch Grey Cup Live Stream online in outside Canada vpn is a good option for you.

Two-minute warning

The Grey Cup culminates six months of exciting CFL action. Players endure a longer season for less pay and fewer extravagances than their NFL counterparts.

They do it for the love of the game and fans watch them for their love of the game.

With so many easy ways to watch the live stream action from the 2019 Grey Cup, there’s no reason anyone should miss Canada’s annual sporting jewel.