English Premier League Needs Better Results in Champions League

English Premier League clubs have started out terrible in the Champions League group stage. Arsenal, Manchester City and Manchester United were all defeated last week in Champions League play, which served as a reminder that Serie A in Italy is breathing down the neck of the Premier League for qualification places.

If disaster hits over the next few seasons and the number of places in the Champion League for the Premier League are reduced from its current four to three, it would be catastrophic for the league and all the topflight football clubs in terms of recruiting top players.

It would be a huge embarrassment for the richest league in the world.

That is why the big four clubs in the EPL must start to produce better during the group stage of the Champions League. Chelsea is the only EPL club to win in its opening group stage match.

One big problem that many English football supporters feel is wrong, is the lack of homegrown players. Last week out of the 352 footballers who were involved in Champions League fixtures only 9 qualified to play for England.

In addition, English Premier League clubs need to lower their spending on foreign-born players.

Players such as Kevin De Bruyne and Antony Martial are not in the class of a Phillipp Lahm, Thomas Muller, Zlatan Ibrahimovic or Karim Benzema.

Clubs in Germany and France said the English Premier League clubs were offering so much money to buy players during the transfer window that it would have been ridiculous to have turned down those sums of money.

The world’s best players are throughout Europe, but there are far more in Spain and Germany, while Italy is managing to keep some of its top players. However, England is on the outside looking in.

The Premier League in England is one of the best if not the best in the world, and should have its four spots in the Champions League, but if the clubs playing each year in the topflight league in the world do not play more competitively, they could find their guaranteed spots reduced to three.

Therefore clubs like Manchester City, Manchester United, Arsenal and Chelsea need to reach the knockout stages in their individual groups and show the rest of Europe that the EPL stills ranks as the world’s best.

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