Houston Rockets Close Deals with Montrezi Harrell, Joshua Smith

montrezl-harrellThe Houston Rockets continue picking up more pieces to their bench as an already tight salary cap looms. The Montrezi Harrell deal is complete with a guaranteed deal of $3.1 million over 3 years according to a source at ESPN via Twitter . This is an especially great deal for Harrell considering he is a 2nd round pick and the typical salary for this caliber of player is generally slightly lower.

You might already be familiar with Harrell as he made headlines last week when he offered aid to a motorist involved in a car accident. We have yet to see how this young man will develop in the league, but he is already building a positive image in the Houston area by looking out for others.

Harrell hasn’t been the only recent addition to the Rockets roster. The Rockets also reached an agreement with Joshua Smith, not to be confused with the Josh Smith who left the Rockets and signed with the Clippers over the off season.

The rookie Joshua Smith weighs 350 pounds and offers an additional center position for the Rockets. He has a soft touch around the rim, and has great agility that the Rockets may use if he proves himself well during training camp.

There is already a great deal of competition for center and power forward positions on both the starting lineup and the bench for the Rockets, so it will be interesting to see who fits into the equation with Rockets front court men this coming season.

The biggest pickup this season so far has been Ty Lawson who should help out Harden with scoring, but with a healthy Beverley there will be some battling there for starter positions as well since McHale hasn’t decided who will maintain that spot.

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