Los Angeles Rams live – Preview & Predictions

Los Angeles Rams

Considering the aggressive offseason, it is bust or Super Bowl for Rams. The Sean McVay hasentitled as the youngest coach in the history of NFL last offseason. McVay exactly took a season to win the West NFS and run away with Coach NFL of the era. He turned the Rams into particular Super Bowl candidates. It was an auspicious debut.

Prediction: First NFC West

McVay and company worked over ambitious plans for two years. It is bust or Super Bowl in L.A. this season. It was evident in the offseason when Les Snead – general manager – swung three trades for specific All-Pro players and signed All-Pro free agency. It was a start, and Ram was going for the flurry of moves.

In the middle of the profound turnarounds in the history of NFL, L.A. must look like a genuine contender. Will the wunderkind coach is consistent to build on insane victories of his initial season? Or could the Super Bowl Rams push for naught? Anything is possible, so all eyes are on the current season of Los Angeles.


Before McVay overhauled, the Rams felony ranked dead latter in this league. With the average of 14.0 points and 262.7 yards for each game, final Rams team of Jeff Fisher had the worst offense the league may face in years.

McVay turned this moribund offense in one year into one electrifying juggernaut that got double points and added under extra 100 yards per game to its aggressive production. Jared Goff appeared as the best quarterbacks of the league. Todd Gurley rebounded back from one down season to find second in the voting for MVP league. The offense of McVay for all purposes and intents was one revelation.

It will be interesting to see the life of this success. It mostly depends on Goff who took an enormous leap in a sophomore season under the supervision of McVay. He may no longer have his offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach from one year ago. If he can iron out some inconsistencies, he could perform better in 2018. His progress is directly linked to the hopes of Super Bowl.

He may not have the services of Watkins, with whom he was connected for almost eight touchdowns one year ago. The wideout Brandin Cooks is over than sufficient replacements. A perfect deep threat for the offense of McVay is one of the receivers in the history of NFL to record three seasons with seven touchdowns and 1,000 yards before spinning 25.

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