How to Watch: Masters live stream | Masters Golf Live

Major League Baseball opens their 2019 season at the beginning of April, but for golf fans across the nation, it is the annual Masters Tournament that officially signals the arrival of spring.

When the world’s best golfers tee off the championship season on April 8th, all will be right in the golfing world. Most fans will be glued to televisions, computers, and cell phones until someone clinches the green jacket to be awarded on Sunday, April 11th.

Officials at Augusta National Golf Course tweaked the par-72 course for the first time since 2005. They added 40 yards to the 5th hole. Golfers now have to sail tee shots over 330 yards to avoid the series of sand traps and rough.

The hole was already the sixth-toughest of the course with an average score of 4.14 last year. It is hoped the changed will alleviate crowding that sometimes occurs between the 5th and 6th holes, but that didn’t inspire officials to increase the par-4 standard.

Masters live Golf Tournament

Live streaming the 2019 Masters Tournament, the official website of the Masters Tournament, will live stream many of the events leading up to the tournament. They will also provide a live feed from the 15th and 16th holes and Amen Corner during each of the four rounds.

Tournament officials will also provide score updates and constant highlights of play over their two Twitter accounts, @MastersMoments,and @TheMasters.

Official broadcasters of the 2019 Masters Tournament

CBS Sports will broadcast the final two rounds of the tournament on over-the-air CBS network affiliates across the country. The CBS-Masters affiliation is the oldest in sports, dating back to the 1950s.

ESPN came on board more recently to air the first two rounds of the Masters and will do so again in 2019.

The Golf Channel, owned by NBC Sports, will be on the scene each day with their “Live from the Masters” program full of commentary, interviews, and highlights.

How to watch the Masters without cable

CBS and ESPN are popular among many live stream internet television providers, but not everyone has access to them.

CBS Sports’ streaming channel is expected to provide highlights and some live coverage above what is broadcast on the main networks. Golf fans who want to maximize the live stream Masters experience would do well to obtain ESPN, CBS, and the separate CBS Sports channel.

Sling TV subscribers can access ESPN on the orange or combined packages. But the CBS and CBS Sports channels are not part of any Sling TV offering.

You might combine a Sling subscription with Fubo TV. Fubo TV has CBS and CBS Sports in both of its basic packages. They do not offer ESPN, however.

Things get easier with DirecTV Now. DirecTV Now includes CBS in all their channel packages and ESPN in four of their five offerings. If you want to have all three, including CBS Sports, you need to subscribe to the “Go Big” or “Gotta Have It” bundles.

PlayStation Vue includes CBS and ESPN in every channel grouping, but you have to step up to their Core Package or higher if you want CBS Sports.

YouTube TV presents customers with no options on channel selection. Fortunately, their service includes all three channels needed to watch every minute of the Masters, plus the Golf Channel.

Fubo TV also includes the Golf Channel, along with DirecTV Now, PS Vue, and Sling on certain packages.

Using a VPN to watch the Masters

If you want to watch the Masters from outside the United States, you might find the broadcasts are limited and the live stream offerings, including, are geo-blocked from your location.

Fortunately, you can route your computer’s IP address to another server in the United States and follow the live stream Masters Tournament action.

First, you need to find a reputable VPN provider like Express VPN. Express VPN offers multiple servers with high-speed connections to assure smooth and clear live action, as well as military-grade encryption programs to protect your computer and you from internet threats.

Nord VPN is another worthy VPN service with high connection speeds and military-grade security and encryption. Both Nord VPN and ExpressVPN offer 24/7 live customer service to iron out any problems with your connection.

IPVanish is a cheaper option, utilizing similarly high connection speeds and state-of-the-art encryption programs. Their customer service reps are not available 24/7, however.

Once you pick a provider, simply connect with one of the US-based servers and go to CBS, ESPN, or website to watch live stream Master Tournament action.

On to the 19th hole

From the Masters’ Champion Dinner early in the week to the awarding of the green jacket, the Masters Tournament is full of tradition and prestige. Most of all, it is full of great golf.

Some of the biggest moments in golf history have played out on the Augusta National greens. There is no reason to expect anything less in the 2019 Masters Tournament.