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How to Watch: 2019 Monaco Grand Prix Live Stream



Formula One’s most glamorous race of the year waves the starter’s flag on May 26th in beautiful Monaco. The Monaco Grand Prix is part of racing’s Triple Crown, along with the Indy 500 and the 24 Hours at Le Mans events.

Monaco’s narrow streets, sharp curves, hills, and one tunnel keep speeds relatively low. They also provide limited opportunities for passing other racers.

After the 2018 race, noted F-1 circuit drivers Lewis Hamilton and Peter Alonso cited all that when they called Monaco the most boring race on the schedule.

Fans of the Monaco Grand Prix were quick to criticize the pair in defense of their beloved and storied course where this race has been run in some form since 1929.

Monaco Grand Prix

Despite the relatively slow speeds, Monaco is considered one of the most dangerous Formula 1 circuits. It is also the only venue that does not meet the Grand Prix minimum standard of 350 kilometers (190 miles) race distance.

None of that will matter to the thousands of fans who will line the entire course for a glimpse of the action.

Watching the Monaco 500 live stream channel

Formula 1 racing kicked off its own live stream racing channel in 2018. F1-TV will not only cover the entire race, but it will broadcast every practice run and much more in the days leading up to the Monaco Grand Prix.

F1-TV Pro is available in the United States for about $9 per month. Besides the races, it offers 24/7 news and highlights from the racing world, as well as on-demand access to every Formula 1 race this season.

Canadian fans have to settle for a lesser F1-TV package that will show each race on-demand starting seven days from its race date, as well as news and highlights from the racing world.

Official Broadcasters

Formula One Racing (or the F1A) licenses broadcasts in dozens of countries around the world. In the United States, ESPN won the rights by default in 2018 when NBC Sports dropped its winning bid.

ESPN uses the broadcast feed from Britain’s Sky Sports, widely regarded as the leader in international sports presentations. After some early-season hiccups in 2018, ESPN says it has learned to manage necessary commercial breaks while using Sky Sports’ commercial-free feed.

The Monaco Grand Prix is one of three races to be shown on ESPN-owned ABC-TV. In a big day for racing fans, ABC’s network affiliates will run a tape-delayed version of the Monaco 500 immediately after their live broadcast of the Indy 500.

Purists who worry about spoilers can watch the Monaco Grand Prix live on ESPN2. Fans lucky enough to have split-screen ability can watch both classic events at the same time.

Univision Deportes will also broadcast the race in the USA with Spanish-speaking announcers, while Australia’s Foxtel (Fox Sports) will exclusively handle broadcast duties in Australia, ending decades of free Formula One coverage on Channel Ten.

How to Watch the Monaco Grand Prix without cable

ESPN is a very popular, although not universally available, channel among live stream internet television providers. Be careful though. Just because a provider offers ESPN products does not mean your local ABC network affiliate is included. Check your listings and be sure to catch the live feed on ESPN2 if the post-Indy replay is not offered.

If you live in a major TV market, you probably won’t have any trouble finding ESPN2 and ABC with a DirecTV Now subscription. DirecTV Now includes ABC and ESPN in most packages in all major markets.

YouTube TV does them one better, getting a slight nod for wider inclusion of local ABC networks in smaller markets. YouTube TV offers the most complete local network coverage of any internet TV company, as well as the whole ESPN package in its single-choice of channels.

Sony’s PlayStation Vue dropped some ABC local affiliates, but it is still a better-than-average chance you’ll find them among PS-Vue’s selection of channel groups.

Subscribers to Sling TV will have to get up early enough to watch the race live on ESPN2, part of Sling’s Orange option. ABC is not included in any of Sling’s market areas.

Fubo TV does not offer any ESPN networks, including ABC. Fubo TV customers will have to find another way to watch the Monaco Grand Prix.

Using a VPN to watch the Monaco Grand Prix

F1-TV’s live stream feed is widely available in the USA. But, if you live in an area without coverage, or if you prefer to follow the Monaco Grand Prix broadcast from another country, you can use a virtual private network (VPN) service.

VPNs let your computer sign into a large server in another country. That computer will shield your location and make you appear to be logging in locally to a broadcast partner in Monaco, Mexico, or the Middle East.

Quality VPN services like ExpressVPN offer exceptional virus protection and encryption services to protect you and your computer. They also have the connection speeds you need to watch live action sports in a clear and fluid manner.

Nord VPN is another service that will offer an excellent option to watch foreign broadcasts of the Monaco Grand Prix. ExpressVPN and Nord have live 24/7 customer service to help new users connect flawlessly.

IPVanish provides a third option with great connection speeds, excellent security, and encryption programs.

Following the Monaco Grand Prix on Social Media

Formula 1 racing pages are available on most social media platforms. Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit will offer links to the F1-TV live stream.

Picture quality remains an issue for most social media platforms, but where else can you watch the excitement of the Monaco Grand Prix while sharing your insightful thoughts and witty banter with thousands of fellow racing fans?

Final Pit Stop

The Monaco Grand Prix is a legendary event held in one the most luxurious and exotic Formula 1 venue. Even the most casual race fan enjoys watching the antiquated streets and lush hillsides rushing past the drivers.

With so many ways to join the fun, you should make the choice to watch the Monaco Grand Prix on May 26.

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