How to Watch NFL Network live stream Online With or Without Cable

The NFL Network is a must have channel if you are a fan of the NFL. They offer 24/7 coverage of the NFL with plenty of incredible analysis, old game footage, and bios of some of the NFL’s greatest players. The NFL Network also exclusively shows Thursday Night NFL games and there is no other place to watch the games.

More and more Americans are cutting their ties with cable companies as they have had enough with the high prices and channels that they are tired of paying for. So, how can we watch the NFL Network to see our favorite NFL teams battle it out on a Thursday night? There are a variety of new and old streaming services where you can get a variety of sports channels, including NFL Network, for a much cheaper price.

NFL Network

Sling TV

Sling TV is going to be your cheapest option if you want to watch the NFL Network online. Sling TV offers a package at just $25 a month called Sling Blue that comes with the NFL Network. Sling Blue comes with 40 channels and it is a great option for streaming services if you are looking for sports. You can also add their sports package for just $10 a month extra and it comes with NFL Redzone, NBA TV, NHL Network, and NBC Golf, among other sports channels that you can watch online.

DirecTV Now

DirecTV Now is the second most popular streaming service after Sling TV and for good reason. If you are looking for the most bang for your buck when it comes to streaming services then DirecTV Now might be your best option. Their base package starts at $40 a month and it comes with over 65 channels and for the most part you will not have to add anything to the base package. However, the NFL Network is sadly not included in their base package. What a bummer! You will have to buy the next package up which is called the Just Right package and it starts at $55 a month. This is going to be the most expensive option if you want to go with DirecTV Now in order to watch the NFL Network online.

Playstation Vue

Playstation Vue is generally the most expensive option when it comes to streaming services. One of the issues that Playstation Vue has is they have one of the lowest subscriber counts compared to the bigger players such as Sling TV and DirecTV Now. One of the issues that many consumers have with the service is they believe that they need a Playstation 4 in order to use the system when in fact they can watch it on almost any smart device. When I first heard about Playstation Vue I also assumed incorrectly that you had to have a Playstation in order to use it. If you are looking to watch the NFL Network online then you will have to buy their Core package and it starts at $50 a month. Playstation Vue is a great service and you can stream channels on up to 5 different devices which is great if you live in a big household.


FuboTV is one of the newest streaming services that has been trying to break into the market. They have a big focus on sports streaming and sports fans. They have the largest number of sports channels for the lowest price. Their base package starts off at $45 a month and comes with over 85 channels with most of them being focused on sports. If you are a sports fan then this might be the perfect package for you. The package comes with NFL Network as well as a variety of other channels including a lot of international sports channels.