NFLPA Proposal Would Remove Roger Goodell from Discipline Cases

goodellIt is no secret that the National Football League Players Association and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell have differences. Thats just a matter for regular business in any professional sports league, but in light of recent discipline rulings handed down by Goodell, both sides are said to be seeking a resolution.

Apparently the NFLPA has one that includes removing Goodell from the discipline and appeals process. According to Jason La Canfora at CBS Sports, the players union has submitted a proposal on a new appeals process, one that would no longer involve Goodell as the figure in full authority. The NFLPA proposal called for the creation of a new appeal position, to be held by one person and not a panel of appeals officers.

The proposal is part of an ongoing NFLPA grievance CBA arbitrator early this year in response to the league’s new domestic violence conduct policy.

The NFL and NFLPA have been discussing how the grievance might be settled but no significant progress has been made to date. The matter came during the  during settlement talks with the league in the Tom Brady case.

As is the case with all negotiation except this one to drag on for some time unless there is some sort of incentive to resolve the matter sooner than later. Goodall is said to be open to a new role in the discipline process. Is there any wonder why?

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