How to Watch: PGA Championship Live Stream | PGA Tour 2019

Looking to watch PGA Championship live stream then – simply tune on NBC Sports Gold to watch live on your cable TV or for online read the complete article about how to watch PGA Championship live stream without cable. The PGA Tour Champion and the FedEx Cup champion will be crowned in Atlanta after the top 30 points winners do battle for four rounds of the PGA Tour Championship.

Under a new format, The Tour Championship moves to August and awards a tiered number of free strokes to the players vying for the final leg of golf’s grand slam.

The same player will win both the FedEx and Tour championship. Tiger Woods capped off his comeback season a year ago by winning the tournament.

PGA Championship live stream

It was Woods’ third Tour championship. Only Phil Mickelson has also won the relatively young tournament more than once.

Besides the money involved with winning golf titles, Tour golfers vie for the Calamity Jane Trophy. The Calamity Jane is an exact replica of Atlanta’s legendary golfer Bobby Jones’ putter cast in sterling silver.

That tradition was started in 2005, but every winner dating back to the inaugural event in 1987 was retroactively awarded a Calamity Jane.

Atlanta’s East Lake Golf Club will host the event for the 16th year in a row from August 21-25. It marks the unofficial end to the PGA season, although there will plenty more serious golf soon after.

The 2020 PGA season starts in October.

How to watch PGA Championship live stream action

The official website of the PGA Tour ( includes a link to the Tour Championship page and a live stream feed of all the action from Atlanta.

The Golf Channel and NBC Sports Gold will let you watch live stream coverage of PGA Championship if your television provider has access to them. You need to sign in using your cable, satellite, or over-the-top credentials to watch PGA Championship live stream 2019.

Sky Sports’ golf page will also provide a live stream service overseas. You can sign up for a one-week or three-day subscription to Sky Sports through NOW TV, assuming you are in England or another country where the live stream option is available.

Official broadcasters of the
PGA Championship Tour

NBC Sports will use its affiliate, the Golf Channel, provide all the early round action from the East Lake Golf Club before taking over for the final rounds on Saturday and Sunday.

Sky Sports owns the broadcast rights for Great Britain and some other countries. Fox Sports will show the play in Australia.

How to watch PGA Championship Live stream without cable

Millions of golf fans have done away with expensive cable and satellite providers. They found over-the-top or internet television offers tons of sports and entertainment options for just a fraction of the price.

Plus, with no contracts or balky equipment to manage, there is virtually no risk with trying out the newest way to watch the Tour Championship live and tons of other programs on your favorite internet-connected device.

If you haven’t cut the cord yet, consider these over-the-top television companies for all your entertainment needs. You will need a channel package with NBC and the Golf Channel to catch all the action at the Tour Championship.

Sling TV is part of the Dish Network but without a contract or equipment will broadcast PGA Championship live stream online. Sling offers NBC and NBC Sports in their Blue Package ($25/month). You’ll have to pay $10 more for the Sports Extra add-on to find the Golf Channel.

Fubo TV is a sports-centric internet TV provider with NBC, NBC Sports, and the Golf Channel included in its most basic channel groups. Packages start at $45/month and include 30 hours of free DVR time so you can record what happens.

DirecTV Now is the internet TV division of the big satellite company. But there’s no contract or dish needed to get NBC and NBC Sports for as little as $40/month. You’ll have to upgrade to their $65/month “Go Big” package to find the Golf Channel and you’re limited to 20 hours of DVR time.

YouTube TV includes the three of the networks you need to find all the Open action in its sole channel offering. For just $40/month, you get unlimited DVR space, too.

Sony’s PlayStation Vue includes NBC and NBC Sports in all packages, but the Golf Channel doesn’t appear until you get to their $50/month Core group. That lets you record up to 500 shows.

Be somewhere else with a VPN

VPN services let you sign into another server to fool websites (like the PGA and NBC Sports Gold) into thinking you are somewhere else. If you find yourself in Toledo, Mexico during the Tour Championship, you can use a VPN to make it look like you are in Toledo, Ohio.

There are some very reliable VPN services like ExpressVPN who provide the latest technology and security, plus an excellent customer service department to guide you through set up. You can subscribe VPN services that will allow you to watch PGA Championship live stream online from outside.

Nord VPN is another exceptional VPN provider. Like ExpressVPN, Nord used military-grade encryption software and the best anti-virus programs to protect you and your computer.

IPVanish brags about having the fastest connection speeds, something that comes in handy when you try to follow that little white ball.

Golf fans visiting the United States can use VPN services to sign into a server in their home country. Then they can look for the PGA live stream in their native language.

Out of the Rough

The Tour Championship culminates the season-long search for the most prestigious titles in golf. With only 30 golfers playing through, it is easier to follow changes on the leaderboard and the excitement of the chase.

It is one of the more enjoyable tournaments to watch from home if you can’t get to Atlanta. Be sure to catch it online or over-the-top.