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How to Watch: PGA Live Stream | Golf PGA Tour Live 2019

Looking to watch PGA live stream then – simply tune on GOLF TV and CB Sports Network to watch live on your cable TV or for online read the complete article about how to watch PGA live stream without cable. The 2018-19 PGA Tour has been in full swing for months, but as the weather warms across the nation, it seems like it has just begun.

Classic competitions like the Players Championship, The Masters, Byron Nelson, and the PGA Championship loom ahead and golf enthusiasts can’t wait.

The Professional Golfers Association has been around for 90 years, growing from a regulatory and rules-making organization to the premier manager of major golf tours around the world including Canada (the Mackenzie Tour), China, and Latin America.

But the PGA’s big money will come from fans tuning in to see whether Tiger Woods’ back holds up or if Jordan Spieth’s putting returns to form.

We want to learn if Cameron Champ and Tommy Fleetwood are for real. Will Bryson DeChambeau continue to find the right angles and GPS coordinate?

Can veterans like Rory McIlroy and Bubba Watson knock those young guys from the leaderboards? We’ll all be watching to find out.

PGA live stream

Live Stream coverage of the PGA Tour

Golf fans searching for the PGA Tour Live will find themselves redirected to Discovery Channel’s $2 billion dollar gamble on live stream golf. GOLF TV will handle the live stream feeds of most PGA Tour events, providing 2000 hours of live stream action.

In the United States, some event-specific live stream channels, including the Masters and PGA Championship, will still be available. Outside the country, GOLF TV is already slated to replace current broadcasters as their contracts expire.

GOLF TV will take over in seven countries this season, including Canada and Australia. If you have a shortcut to PGA Live, you will be forwarded to the GOLF TV website automatically.

ESPN+ will offer live stream highlights and coverage of many major events as part of their broadcast contract. The Golf Channel will also live stream from tournament sites with live score updates, highlights, and analysis.

Official PGA Live Stream broadcasters

CBS Sports enters its 40th year of televising all the major PGA events. Their coverage, however, is limited to the final rounds over the weekends.

That opened the door for ESPN to provide Thursday and Friday live coverage and highlights on many tournaments. ESPN’s early coverage promotes its weekend live stream coverage that coincides with the CBS programming.

There will be several tournaments where ESPN2 shows the early rounds on Sunday, only to yield to the CBS broadcast later in the day.

The Golf Channel will broadcast live from most major tournament sites, offering live scoring updates with some occasional live stream action. They will also allow their parent company, NBC Sports, to show some early-season final rounds before CBS starts their summer season.

Fox Sports will broadcast the US Open Championship again this year, while TNT closes out its long history of covering the PGA Championship before ESPN takes over in 2020.

Watching PGA Live stream Golf without cable

Most broadcast channels producing PGA events, including ESPN, CBS, NBC, TNT, Fox, and the Golf Channel are widely available, but not every provider has all of them on every channel package. If you want to watch PGA live stream online from outside usa you can simply subscribe following online services.

DirecTV Now subscribers will find ESPN, CBS, CBS Sports, Fox, and TNT on even the most basic package (starting at $40/month). But they will have to “Go Big” ($65) or say they “Gotta Have It” ($75) if they want to complete their golf experience with the Golf Channel.

Sling TV customers will need to boost their subscription with a Sports Extra fee ($10) and the combined blue and orange package ($40) to get ESPN’s offerings, TNT, Fox, and the Golf Channel. The gaping hole in Sling’s offerings is the lack of local CBS and NBC networks in almost every market.

Fubo TV bills itself as a sports’ fans internet TV company, but they resist adding ESPN due to the ABC-owned conglomerate’s cost demands and the necessary subscription rate hike it would entail. But if you can get by with the Golf Channel, CBS, NBC, TNT, and Fox Sports, the $40 subscription rate is a good option.

PlayStation Vue includes almost every channel you need on its most basic package ($45). The Golf Channel is the one entity missing. It will cost you an extra $5/month to upgrade to its core package and a PGA fan’s nirvana.

YouTube TV only has one channel grouping to offer. Fortunately, it includes the ESPN family, Fox Sports, TNT, the Golf Channel, and the best local network coverage in the business. For the subscription price of $40/month, YouTube gives as many sports options as any competitor.

Using a VPN to watch PGA Live stream Golf

PGA fans traveling overseas might find the major tournaments broadcast in Europe and other places. But sometimes, you want to hear a familiar team of announcers. For that, you might need to use a VPN, a virtual private network service.

VPN services let your computer sign into USA-based servers from anywhere in the world. You can then sign into an internet television (OTT) provider’s website and fool them into giving you access as if you are in the USA.

It is important to get a reputable service like ExpressVPN. ExpressVPN gives you top-notch security walls and military grade encryption to protect from viruses and identity theft.

The best VPN companies like ExpressVPN and Nord VPN also boast high-speed internet connections which are important if you want to enjoy live stream action without constant blips and reloads.

Both Nord VPN and ExpressVPN offer 24/7 live customer service to help you navigate your connection and offer advice on the best servers to use.

IPVanish is another excellent service with top technical and security ratings, but their customer service, while good, is not live around the clock.

Social Media and PGA Golf

The PGA tour and most individual tournaments have a high social media presence. You can find Facebook, Reddit, and Instagram accounts for most.

But only Twitter offers live feeds from most PGA events, according to the PGA website. Twitter might not have the clearest picture, but where else can you share your excitement with thousands of fellow fans while you’re supposed to be working or watching the grandchildren?

Final round

The PGA has 46eventsscheduled for 2018-19. Live streaming options are relatively consistent compared to the network broadcasts. Check your local listing or each tournament website if you are not sure which network is handling things.

One thing consistent in each tournament is the chance to see golfing history. You never know when an unknown will crash the party or an old favorite finds his youth. With all the viewing options listed here, there is no excuse to miss any of it.