Plaza Hotel Opens Outdoor Equestrian Facility in Las Vegas

The 2018 National Finals Rodeo will have a new feature for this year and many rodeo fans and cowboy are very excited about it. The Plaza Hotel is opening a year round equestrian facility in Downtown Las Vegas. The new facility is planned to open before the start of the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo which starts on December 6th. The NFR is the biggest rodeo event in the world with the top 15 cowboys in every single rodeo event competing for $10 million in prize money.

The center will be made up of two different arenas, one will be 30,000 square feet and the other 12,500 square feet. The Plaza will have 200 equine stalls, with 80 being available to rent year round. The new facility will be hosting National Finals Rodeo related events throughout the 10 day event. The Plaza Hotel is an official hotel sponsor of the National Finals Rodeo and the Junior National Finals Rodeo. The two arenas will be used for roping practice and exercise during the rodeo.

The facility will be hiring 6 new employees and more than 20 employees during events which is great for the city of Las Vegas as more employment is beneficial to everyone. The facility will offer 24 hour security and veterinarian services so that they cowboys can sleep knowing that their horses will be taken care of and be kept safe. The facility plans to hold other non-rodeo related events such as sporting events, concerts, paintball tournaments and other animal events according to the CEO of the Plaza.

“There is no better way to pay homage to our western history than to create a home for rodeo downtown, where Las Vegas got its start,” said Jonathan Jossel, CEO of the Plaza. “However, this is not only about the rodeo. The Plaza’s new equestrian center is a testament to the continued growth of downtown. We look forward to welcoming a diverse schedule of outdoor events to the Plaza’s Core Arena and Equestrian Center beginning next year.”

The welcome addition of this facility speaks to the continued growth of the sport of rodeo and how much the National Finals Rodeo has influenced the city of Las Vegas. The facility will continue to help downtown Las Vegas grow and there will be increased foot traffic there for the shops that are in the district. More traffic is great for the NFR as well as they continue to try and grow their event to make it even more attractive to sponsors and Las Vegas.

There are plenty of other National Finals Rodeo related events also occurring at the Plaza Hotel. On December 13th, 75 performance horses of all varieties will be auctioned off at the Diamonds in the Desert Horse Sale. The Plaza Hotel used to have plenty of horse sales many decades ago when horses were a larger commodity and more popular. The public and horse brokers from around the country will be bidding on the top horses that are available on the market and there will be even some buyers bidding online.

If you are going to be in Las Vegas for the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo make sure that you check out the new equestrian facility at the Plaza Hotel. There will be plenty of action happening at the facility and you might even see one of your favorite cowboys practicing and getting ready for the competition. There will be plenty of excitement and buzz around the facility and what it means for the sport of rodeo.

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