How to Watch: Six Nations Rugby Live Stream | Live 6 Nations

Guinness’ Six Nations Rugby Championship pits the four countries of the British Isles against France and Italy in what loyal fans call the “greatest rugby championship.”

Each of the six teams takes the pitch against the others over five weekends of February and March. The winner is determined on a simple point system, but the combatants are looking for more than a simple championship.

England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales seek the Triple Crown of the Six Nations competition. If one of those teams beats each of the other representatives of the crown, losing matches to their mainland European opponents will sting just a bit less.

But if they top all five opponents, the victors are dubbed Grand Slam winners and will walk a little taller until the next battle of the Six Nations.

Six Nations Rugby

As prestigious as being a Grand Slam winner is, it is just as important to keep a team from grabbing the bragging rights that go with it. If any team enters the final week with a shot, the other four teams undoubtedly are fans of the challenger.

National pride plays a role in any international competition, but the Six Nations Rugby Championship is in a class by itself.

Live Stream the Six Nations Championship

Each competing country offers their own live stream options, starting with the BBC’s Iplayer or the ITV hub live stream services in England.

In the United States and some other locations, rugby fans can stream every game of the series on NBC Sports Gold, with some games also available through the main NBC Sports website.

The websites of the other broadcast media options with live stream websites allow fans to watch the action in Welsh, French, and Italian.

If you happen to be in France, you can follow the France television feed live on Twitter.

Broadcast partners of the Six Nations Championship

BBC Sports and ITV share rights to the games in Great Britain. Fans will have to check to see which games are on what channel each weekend.

Welsh fans can follow the action with Welsh announcers on S4C while residents of Ireland can see every game on Virgin Media One or Virgin Media Sports.

France Televison and Italy’s DMAX will broadcast the action to their respective countries.

Rugby fans in the USA will find all the Six Nations games on NBC Sports.

How to watch Six Nations Rugby games without cable

Fortunately for American rugby fans and European expats who find themselves in the USA, NBC Sports is a popular option among internet television providers.

Anyone who cut the cord with their expensive cable or satellite companies to take advantage of the affordable live stream or over the top TV providers will have little difficulty finding the Six Nations where ever they are.

DirecTV Now includes NBC Sports on even its most basic channel packages (starting at $40/month). DirecTV Now lets you save up to 20 hours of action to watch later.

Sling TV includes NBC Sports in its Orange Package ($25/month) if you don’t want to spring for the $40/month combined Orange and Blue option. Fans who want to DVR the Six Nations games will have to cough up about $5 more for 50 hours.

Fubo TV includes NBC Sports on all of its channel packages, along with 30 hours of DVR space. Fubo offers up to 500 additional DVR hours for about $10/month.

PlayStation Vue’s $45/month basic access level will let rugby fans watch the Six Nations Championship series on up to five devices with enough cloud DVR access to record all 30 games, plus 470 other shows.

YouTube TV’s sole channel package includes NBC Sports and unlimited DVR time.

Final pitch

Undefeated England faced off against 2-0 Wales in the third round last week and when all was said and done, it was the Welsh team that emerged with dreams of a Triple Crown and their 12th Grand Slam title intact.

There are no other undefeated teams left going into the final two weeks, which leaves it up to Scotland or Ireland to assure Wales’ dreams are crushed.

That doesn’t mean the other games on the slate won’t be just as exciting and pitched. With so many options to watch, there’s no reason to miss a minute of it all.