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Watch Stanley Cup Live Stream Final game 1 to game 7 all in live action on NBC Sports. It is the oldest sports championship trophy in the world. There are folklore and legendary stories that make it truly iconic and a bit mystical. People have schemed to steal it and at least once, it was lost.

Anybody who ever hit the ice with a curved stick in his hands wants to hold it.

“It” is the Stanley Cup; the championship trophy of the National Hockey League.

Sixteen teams will survive the regular season to fight for the right to advance to the Stanley Cup final in June. “The Final” is actually a best-of-seven series between the top team from the east and the top team from the west.

Unlike most other sports, NHL hockey passes the cup to the current champion each season. Named after Lord Stanley and the Stanley family who promoted hockey throughout its early history in Canada, the championship players’ names are inscribed on the cup.

Stanley Cup live stream

While the NHL guards the cup and all associated copyrights very carefully, they don’t actually own it. Instead, it is on loan and managed by two Canadian Trustees of the Cup.

Traditionally, each member of the championship team gets to spend one day with the Stanley Cup. It is a truly celebratory momentand helps make the Stanley Cup Finals one of the most hard-fought and passionate competitions in team sport.

Stanley Cup Live Stream Final 2019

The NHL Network is a pay-service internet and cable television provider that live streams the Stanley Cup finals around the world. However, they will block the broadcast in the USA or Canada due to blackout restrictions.

NBC Sports’ website will provide live feeds from the Stanley Cup Finals live stream, as well as most other games and the playoffs, to contracted cable and internet customers. Fans can go to the NBC Sports’ NHL- All-Access page and sign in with the user name and password of their contracted television provider.

The NHL app offers an NHL Premium subscription which includes live stream regular season and playoff games, including the Stanley Cup Final online and in cable TV.

Official Broadcaster of the NHL’s Stanley Cup live Stream

NBC Sports handles most of the NHL playoff broadcasts in the United States. They split the series between NBC, NBCSN, CNBC, and the NBC-owned USA channel.

For the Stanley Cup Finals, the flagship NBC network will air the first game, as well as the fourth through the seventh games (if there are that many.) The second and third games will be found on NBCSN or the USA Network.

In Canada, CBC broadcasts each game of the Stanley Cup Finals for free.

In case you are wondering what happened to the NHL Network, they are relegated to providing the action everywhere except Canada and the USA as part of the CBC and NBC contracts.

How to watch the Stanley Cup Live Stream Finals without Cable

Cord-cutters depending on internet-based television providers should have little trouble finding the Stanley Cup playoffs. NBC and NBC Sports are available on most major services.

Fubo TV is one of those services. Fubo does not offer the NHL Network, but for the Stanley Cup Finals, all you need is the NBC family of channels to watch all the live stream action. Fubo will let you DVR 30 hours of hockey action for free.

Sling TV has the NBC channels in their $25/month blue package. You can also grab the combined Orange and Blue for $40. The NHL Network and any DVR needs will cost you a little more. SO to watch Stanley Cup Finals live stream game one to game 7 tune on sling TV .

YouTube TV does not offer the NHL Network at all, but they have all the playoff games on the NBC family of channels and unlimited Cloud DVR space for $40/month.

DirecTV Now can give you everything, but you’ll have to pay more than their $40/month basic service if you want CNBC or the NHL Network. DVR space is limited to 20 hours.

PlayStation Vue includes the entire NBC group on each of its five channel offerings. It does not offer the NHL Network on any of them, but you won’t need that to watch the Stanley Cup Finals live. PSV also has 500 hours of DVR available and lets you stream simultaneously to five devices.

Using a VPN to watch the Stanley Cup online

Quality Virtual Personal Network (VPN) providers like ExpressVPN can put you into Canada, the USA, or anywhere else by letting your computer sign into their bigger servers around the world.

That means hockey fans in the Netherlands can sign into a server in Wisconsin and watch the NBC Sports broadcast of the Stanley Cup.

Canadian expats in England can log into an Ottawa server and hear the familiar broadcasters from CBC. Fans of the NHL Network can even sign into a Dutch server and blow off the NBC and CBC crews.

But you need a reputable VPN provider like IPVanish or Express VPN to make sure the connection speeds are fast enough for a quality live stream connection.

Nord VPN is another trusted VPN service. Like Express VPN and IP Vanish, Nord’s military-grade encryption service and latest anti-virus protection will safeguard you and your computer from hackers and bugs while you enjoy the games.

Final period

Over the years, the Stanley Cup has been filled with all manners of drinks, food, and unfortunately-sourced other liquids. It has been left on the side of a road, discovered at the bottom of a swimming pool, and kicked into the Ontario Canal.

Two children have been baptized in the Stanley Cup and when the prime minister wanted to cheer up Canadian troops fighting in Afghanistan, he arranged to have the cup secretly flown into the war zone.

As you can imagine, the battle for the Stanley Cup final is a full-out, emotional and exhausting effort by desperate men, and one of the most competitive contests in all sports. Don’t miss it – the Stanley Cup!