How to Watch: State of Origin live Stream | Game 1, Game 2 & Game 3

Australia’s National Rugby League announced the official rosters and schedule for this year’s State of Origin competition, pitting the best of New South Wales against their rivals from Queensland.

State of Origin, so named because players are selected based on where they played their first senior-level rugby game, will include one game in Western Australia for the first time ever. Game two will play out on June 23 in front of rugby fans in Perth.

Rugby in Australia is full of history and tradition, and the State of Origin series is no exception. The first interstate game between Queensland and New South Wales took place in 1908. For decades, players were selected based on where their current team played.

The name was changed to State of Origin in 1982 when the current standard of selecting players based on their original state of play went into effect.

State of Origin

Game one will be played on June 5th in Brisbane, while New South Wales hosts the finale in Melbourne on July 10.

Watching the State of Origin live stream action

State of Origin is part of the National Rugby League’s slate of events. All three games can be watched around the world on the league’s official live stream provider,

Along with the State of Origin, all NRL games can be viewed at, as well as tons of rugby news and highlights.

You can also access the WatchNRL app with the same subscription.

Official broadcast partners announced

The league’s live stream feed is geo-blocked from Australian audiences to allow their cable sponsors a maximum audience. Australia’s Channel 9 will provide the play-by-play of all three games to audiences down under.

Great Britain’s Sky Sports kicks off a five-year broadcasting deal to televise dozens of Australia’s National Rugby League games around the British Isles and New Zealand. State of Origin is one of the highlights of Sky Sport’s slate.

Watching the State of Origin series without cable

Fox Sports 2 offered the entire State of Origin series as recently as last year. However, the recent launch of the National Rugby League’s international live stream might have knocked many overseas broadcasters out of the mix.

We can find no mention of the 2019 State of Origin on the Fox Sports (USA) schedule and the NRL has not updated its list of international broadcasters for this season.

That doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t be able to find the State of Origin series through your internet television provider. As the event approaches, look for announcements.

It is not unusual to search for an international sports event on your channel search and find a link to the live stream action. So, if you are one of the many who gave up on expensive cable and satellite television providers to subscribe to services like DirecTV Now, Sling TV, FuboTV, PlayStation Vue, or YouTube TV, keep that in mind. Search for “State of Origin” and “WatchNRL.”

Using a VPN to watch the State of Origin Rugby series

American Rugby fans might do well to use a VPN to capture the Australian or British broadcasts of the State of Origin series. A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, lets you sign into a server in another country so they think you are a local computer.

It is important to use a reputable VPN service like ExpressVPN to protect yourself. Express VPN uses state-of-the-art encryption to protect your identity and the most modern security programs to ward of viruses.

Nord VPN is another great provider of VPN services. Both companies offer 24/7 live customer service and guarantees.

IPVanish is a third VPN provider. All three provide the super-fast connection speeds you need to enjoy live action sports like the State of Origin rugby series.

Australia’s Channel 9 is a free-to-air network. England’s Sky Sports uses a short-term service provider called NOW TV that lets you join the fun on a daily or weekly basis without killing your budget, too.

Final gun

The use of a neutral game site on the other side of the continent eliminates any home crowd advantage and could make New South Wales’ plans to repeat as victors a tad more difficult.

One thing we can be assured of is lots of rough and tumble action in this grand Australian rugby treat. Don’t miss it!