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Supercross memory and one lucky fan



The 2018 Monster Energy Energy Cup Supercross was held in Las Vegas on October 13th. It is one of the most exciting events in recent Supercross memory and one lucky fan walked away with something more than just memories. The Monster Energy Cup is an exhibition race where the top Supercross riders are invited to show off their skills and try to win some extra money. It is a welcome event during the time of year when the main season of Supercross is already over.

Every single year since 2011, Monster Energy has given away $1 million dollars if a rider is able to win the three final exhibition races. Last year, Marvin Musquin was the lucky rider that was able to win all three races and claim the $1 million. All of this year’s riders were looking to make moves so that they could win the $1 million and bolster their payday.

This year Monster Energy had a special contest called “Monster Millions” where fans from all around the country could enter and if they were one of 10 chosen, they were flown to Las Vegas and got to attend the 2018 Monster Energy Cup and meet all of the riders. The added bonus is that before the racing kicks off, all 10 of the contestants enter a money booth and whoever grabs the most money in one minute gets a chance to win $1 million if one of the riders also wins $1 million.

This year’s Monster Energy Cup was poised to be one of the most competitive in recent memory with one of motocross’s greatest riders coming out of retirement, Ryan Villopoto. Villopoto had not raced in a competitive event since 2014 and many fans were excited to see him compete once again.

Eli Tomac won the first main event quite easily and he had a huge lead over Musquin by the end of the race. Musquin faltered in the second race finishing 8th, while Tomac came through again and got his second win of the night which set him up for the third race and his chance to win the $1 million. Jesse Hebert, from Maryland, grabbed a total of $409 in the cash grab so if Tomac wins the last race then he also wins $1 million from “Monster Millions”. There was a huge buzz in the stadium, if Tomac was able to come out on top after 10 laps then two people would be walking away with $1 million.

The last race was all set and Tomac got off to a rough start. Tomac went around the first corner in 7th place, while his rookie teammate Savatgy was already far ahead in first. Tomac slowly clawed his way back from 7th place, he moved up to 5th by the 6th lap. Then Tomac sat in 3rd place by the time the white flag was being waved, which signaled the last lap. Tomac was able to sneak into 2nd place while his teammate Savatgy was still in first place. Savatgy pulled up slightly and many fans and experts believe that Savatgy allowed Tomac to pass him so that their team could take home the $1 million. Herbert and Tomac did the unthinkable and they both took home the $1 million dollar prize. Hebert had a lot to say about the event and the experience.

“If at the end of the day, my prize for being here at the race was to shake hands with the riders, I would have counted myself a lucky man,” said Herbert. “When you grow up watching and rooting for these riders, there is a feeling of connection. When you shake their hands it cements that connection. It is an awesome feeling. To have Eli (Tomac) win the entire thing and in turn make this crazy contest a $1 Million reality, it’s surreal.”

An incredible win for Tomac and a great feeling for Hebert. Hebert is going back to Maryland a lot richer than he left. Hopefully he doesn’t leave Las Vegas completely broke as I am sure he spent some of his winnings at the casinos. Make sure that you enter Monster Millions next year and you could be taking home $1 million in 2019!

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