How to Watch: UFC Live Stream | UFC Online Free

Looking to watch UFC live stream then – simply tune on UFC PPV online to watch live on your cable TV or for online read the complete article about how to watch UFC live stream without cable. When Frank and Lorenzo Fertitta and their business partner Dana White purchased the UFC for $2 million back in 2001, their lawyers told them they were crazy.

The UFC or the Ultimate Fighting Championship , had virtually no assets, no broadcasting contract, and an uncertain future. But the Fertitta brothers told the lawyers the UFC had one important thing- name recognition.

After several years of fighting members of Congress and others who wanted to ban their style of fighting, the UFC coined the term mixed martial arts and emerged with an officially sanctioned fighting sport in several states.

With some investment in advertising and the addition of corporate sponsorships, the UFC started moving up the sports world ladder.

In 2016, the Fertittas sold the UFC to the William Morris Endeavor for a cool $4.025 billion. ESPN just paid $1.5 billion for the right to broadcast the UFC for the next five years in a deal that did not even include the monthly pay-per-view fights.

UFC fighters are among the most recognized figures in sports. Their success has prompted others to initiate competing mixed martial arts organizations, several of which are quite profitable in their own right.

To say the Fertitta brothers and Dana White, who remains the UFC’s president today, made a sound investment with their $2 million is an understatement.

How to watch UFC live stream action

ESPN+ became the exclusive linear and digital distributor of the UFC in the United States this year. 42 live events, including 30 full-card fight nights are in the ESPN+ schedule for 2019.

The fight nights are included in ESPN+ ’s monthly subscription costs of $4.99 (or $49.99 for a year). However, there are twelve pay-per-view events that will cost subscribers an additional $59.99 per event.

UFC Fight Pass includes lots of UFC exclusive programming, highlights, archived fights, international MMA events, and live fight nights. It costs $9.99/month or 7.99/month if you commit to a full year up front.

The 30 full card events televised by ESPN+ are not available through UFC Fight Pass. To maximize your live stream UFC experience, you will need to purchase both the ESPN+ and UFC Fight Pass.

UFC’s live stream options include a monthly subscription to pay-per-view events at a discounted (residential-only) rate of $35.

Broadcast sponsors of UFC MMA fights

ESPN will show some preliminary fights on fight nights and pay-per-view nights before turning coverage over to ESPN+. 

There will be ten exceptions when ESPN is allowed to broadcast the entire fight night slate. Check ESPN’s UFC schedule for details.

Fox Sports will no longer broadcast UFC live events. The newest sports streaming service, DAZN, made MMA and boxing its niche in the United States markets, but they will not have access to UFC fights.

How to watch UFC Mixed Martial Arts without cable

UFC seems to be pushing its live stream availability as it is the most profitable and widest-reaching venue. Its demand for a 70-percent cut of the pay-per-view pie from longtime partner DirecTV pushed the satellite TV provider out of the mix in 2019.

Dish TV is apparently out of the mix as well after ESPN and the UFC announced ESPN+ will own exclusive rights to pay per view events for the next seven years, starting in April.

So over the top television subscribers will have to rely on ESPN for some of their UFC entertainment and subscribe to ESPN+  for the rest.

DirecTV offers ESPN on all channel packages starting at $40/month, as does YouTube TV ($40).

Sling TV put ESPN in its Blue package ($25/month) and you can find the sports leader in all of PlayStation Vue’s packages ($40/month and up).

Fubo TV is the odd man out, still unable to come to terms with ESPN as they fight to protect their price points.

ESPN has been known to float some of its ESPN+ programming to ESPN3. It is unknown whether they will make UFC shows available on their lesser-used network.

Using a VPN to watch UFC Live Stream Online

If you find yourself in much of Latin America during a prime UFC fight, you might be out of luck if you want to watch it. ESPN+ and UFC Fight Pass are unavailable in Central America and several countries.

There is a fix, however. You could fool ESPN+ or UFC’s Fight Pass into thinking you are in the United States by using a reputable VPN service.

VPN (or virtual private network) services let you sign into a server in another country from your own computer or handheld device. It then appears you are in that country.

ExpressVPN is one of the largest and most trusted VPN services. They provide the latest security programs and military-caliber encryption to protect you and your computer’s identity. ExpressVPN also has multiple servers based in the USA.

Nord VPN is another excellent service with similar security and encryption capabilities. Nord VPN and ExpressVPN also offer live 24/7 customer service to help work out any kinks.

IPVanish is a third trusted  VPN provider. They boast the highest connection speeds, which is important if you don’t want your MMA fighters to look blurry. Nord and ExpressVPN also have excellent connection speeds.

Get the app for UFC Online

The UFC has a free app on Android and iOS that provides notifications and live fight updates, including minute-by-minute stats.

ESPN+ and the UFC Fight Pass let you watch the action on your favorite smartphone, but there will be no social media live streams.

Knocking out the competition

Dana White and the UFC are certainly using the clout that comes with their ever-growing army of followers and fans to secure the future of the UFC. 

ESPN+ says they picked up over two million new subscribers since starting their UFC affiliation. Five years ago, the thought of steering away from satellite PPV providers like Dish and DirecTV would have been unheard of for any sports association.

Suffice it to say, the UFC has arrived. With all the viewing options available, you don’t have to miss a minute of it. And don’t forget to watch UFC live stream online in this new era.