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Looking to watch US Open live stream then – simply tune on Fox Sports to watch live on your cable TV or for online read the complete article about how to watch US Open live stream without cable. Pebble Beach Golf Links will host this year’s U.S. Open Golf Tournament for the sixth time in its storied history and the first time since 2005.

In keeping with the tournament’s reputation of providing one of the most difficult courses emphasizing long, accurate drives, groundskeepers are already letting the rough creep in on the course.

Golfers at Pebble Beach’s Genesis Open claim fairways might be as much as 10-30 yards narrower. The skinny approaches are why the US Open often produces winning scores that barely break par.

Millions of fans will watch the US Open in 190 countries on six continents, but let’s take a look at how the best golf fans in the universe can take it all in at home in the USA.

The US Open live stream

US Open Live Stream Channel

US Open Tournament officials already announced plans to provide constant live stream feeds from Pebble Beach on their official tournament webpage. The fun starts a couple of days before the Thursday morning first tee, with interviews and practice rounds.

Golf fans, especially those stuck at work for the first two days of the event can keep up with all the action on any internet-connected device.

Fox Sports Go, an app from the folks at Fox Sports, will also offer live stream feeds and updates throughout the tournament.

Official Broadcaster of the US Open Golf

Fox Sports is in the middle of a 12-year commitment to the US Open. If that brings back memories of some less-than-complete coverage of last year’s tournament, fear not. Golf fans can expect better in 2019 when Fox pledges a 20-percent increase in coverage hours.

Between the premier Fox broadcast network and the Fox Sports cable channel, this year’s US Open will enjoy 45 hours of live coverage over the four-day tournament.

On top of that, the Golf Network will broadcast live from the Pebble Beach Links all week, providing constant news, updates, and highlights as they happen.

Dozens of foreign networks have rights to broadcast in their market areas, including England’s Sky Sports, who will broadcast coverage from Pebble Beach during the whole tournament.

Watch the live stream feed of the US Open Online

If you are among the growing legions of Americans who cut the cord with their expensive cable or satellite providers to take advantage of affordable live stream internet television, there is a good chance you already enjoy Fox and Fox Sports, as well as the Golf Channel.

Those of you who don’t get all three channels as part of your TV contract might find the week of June 13 a good time to take advantage of no-obligation trials of one of the following internet providers.

DirecTV Now would be a good choice, as they offer both Fox and Fox Sports on even their most basic channel package (Live a Little- $35/month). Both Fox choices are also included in their international packages and the Spanish-language “Todo y Mas” selection. The Golf Channel is on most of DirecTV Now’s channel menus, too.

Sling TV’s blue package ($25/month) includes both Fox and Fox Sports. If you want to enjoy the Golf Network coverage, you’ll need to advance to the combined orange and blue ($40). Also, if you want to record some of the action, you’ll need to pay another premium for that privilege.

Fubo TV includes Fox, Fox Sports, and the Golf Channel in both of its main packages (starting at $40/month). You can record up to 30 hours of shows, including the live stream US Open action before additional costs are required.

PlayStation Vue offers one of the best platforms and includes split-screen capability and simultaneous viewing on up to five devices in its subscription costs. Better yet, it offers the Fox and Fox Sports channels in all its channel groups (starting at $45/month) and kicks in the Golf channel at its second tier and higher. You do not need a PlayStation gaming device to subscribe.

YouTube TV doesn’t require you to make any decisions since they only offer one channel package and price point ($40). Fortunately, that channel package includes Fox, Fox Sports, and the Golf Channel. YouTube TV allows you to stream to two different devices and includes unlimited recording of its content for up to nine months.

Using a VPN to watch the US Open Live Stream Online

Fans outside of the United States who want to hear the American broadcasters and watch the Fox coverage can use a Virtual Personal Network (VPN) to connect their computer or internet device with a larger server in the USA.

Once connected, Fox Sports and the US Open Golf live stream channel will recognize them as a local customer and open their feed.

It is important to use a reputable VPN service with excellent security programs and the fast internet connection speed you need to watch live stream sports like the US Open.

ExpressVPN is one such service. They boast military-grade encryption services to guard your identity and protect from any viruses. Their connections speeds are among the best.

Nord VPN is another excellent VPN service. They offer similar speeds and security as ExpressVPN. Both Nord VPN and Express VPN have live customer service reps ready to help 24/7 if your connection hits any snags.

IPVanish is a less-expensive option that provides superior-grade security and connection speeds. Their customer service is only live during business hours.

Following the US Open Live on Social Media

The US Open Golf tournament has official pages on most social media venues, including Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit.

Links to the live stream action at Pebble Beach will probably be available in whichever social media platform you prefer.

Social Media is still working to improve its video quality, but where else can you enjoy live stream action of the US Open along with the company and witty banter of thousands of fellow golf fans on the internet?

Heading into the Clubhouse

Brooks Koepka will be looking for his third straight US Open victory, a rare feat indeed. But at least one notable golf fan is rooting for Phil Mickelson to take the prize.

Golf announcer Jim Nantz points out that Mickelson won the last US Open played at Pebble Beach, plus the final day of play happens to be Mickelson’s birthday. “I love a story,” says Nantz.

Of course, that Sunday is also Fathers’ Day, so whoever wins will probably have a story to tell. With so many options for US Open live stream Golf , there will be no reason to miss it.