Who will Win the Masters Golf 2019

This year’s Masters has finally made it to Augusta, Georgia this week. The Augusta National Golf Club welcomed many fans, caddies, golfers, and previous champs to the Masters.

The question everyone wants the answer to now is, who will win the Masters this year? We have the top five predicted players and their stats, what makes them favored to win, and strengths and weaknesses of each of these golfers. We wish them all good luck and lets watch this weekend to see how the suspense and drama unfolds.

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Top Five Golfers :

Some have Justin Rose winning the Masters tournament this year. Why you might ask? Here’s why:

  • He has finished in the top 14 in eight of the past 11 years.
  •  He’s been runner-up twice in the past four years.
  •  He’s Number one in the world rankings and a terrific ball striker with enormous confidence.
  • One of his weaknesses is his putting. Another is his self-confidence.
  • 38 Years old
  • Born in South Africa
  • His biggest accomplishment is typing for 4th in the British Open, at 17 years old.
  • Best Masters finish: Second in 2017; tied for second in 2015
  • Best 2019 Finish: First at the Farmers Insurance Open

The next favored golfer is Rory McIlroy

  • Right now, he is one of the hottest golfers on the planet.
  • Strengths: He drives a ball longer and straighter than anyone else. Mental strength is amazing, and he is unbeatable once he’s in the “zone.” Hitting over 70% this year.
  • Weaknesses: Not good at really close shots. He goes into streaks where his driver won’t listen to him and he gets wild. The wildness causes difficulties.
  • He’s favored to win the Masters by 7/1 odds.
  • He has not finished outside top 10 since 2013.
  • Odds are good for one round this weekend.

Third Golfer that is favored to win the Masters is Dustin Johnson:

  • His form is very similar to McIlroy.
  • He has to shoot better than he did last year.
  • He can win if he finds his formula
  • Coming off of a back injury.
  • 34 years old.
  • In 2014, was suspended from PGA for Cocaine.  Three failed drug tests: 2009,2012, 2014
  • Most lavish player in PGA
  • Strengths: He hits the ball a mile but, he also has a technically sound swing and underrated short-game.
  • His putting comes and goes
  • Weaknesses: decision-making or lack of – he has been known to do things (on and off the course) that really make you question what he has going on mentally
  • His power gives him a huge advantage, but only puts him in deeper trouble if he is even slightly out of whack.

Another Favorite is Tiger Woods:

  • Ranked 12th in the world
  • 43 Years old
  • Showing signs of coming back around
  •  He has more major experience than basically anyone else in the field
  • His desperation to win another major is not helping him right now
  • He is okay in wet and windy conditions, so if its nice and sunny, he’ll be fine.
  • Strengths: Focus, determined, ability
  • Weaknesses: Left knee

The Fifth favored to win the Masters player is Rickie Fowler:

  • He has a lot of talent, deserving of championship.
  • Strengths: Great control over all of his game, finished in top 5 of his last tournaments, his drives are long, great command of his irons and great putter, his best quality is his mind and mental game.
  • Weaknesses: inability to close, could sharpen his skills more, has some work to do still on his game
  • 16/1 odds
  • Still waiting for a big win
  • He is not one fans are putting their money on for the green jacket

Who will win the Masters on Sunday? How did your favorite fare? Check local listings for live coverage.

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